Saturday, March 1, 2014

Swaggity Swag

Last month I got swag-making fever and churned out a few.  This one started with some goodies from the last Spellbound Art Retreat -

-and this one was lots of lace and fabric I had around (some of which is from the wonderful Gilded Girls Stash Society: it's pricey, but I'm never disappointed in what I get.  Plus they always have great craft tutorials for the month's supplies, which inspired this swag).

They were so fun, fast, and easy to make!   Here they are swaggin' it up on a mantle, altho they've already been moved tbh.   Maybe pics of the current location next time   =)

Friday, February 28, 2014

Lovely Ladies

There has been a flurry of attention lately to one of my fave subject, which is the lovely ladies of the Victorian/Art Nouveau/Art Deco periods; probably a Gatsby/Downton Abbey effect.   I made this the other day featuring one....

...and the best part is that it's dual purpose ~  next time I piss off my mom, I can circle "apologetic" at the top and give it to her, or if  I make it to Mother's Day without being a fail daughter, I can circle "appreciation"!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holiday Houses

A recent crafting day with my girlfriends found us making these cuuuute little houses - first, here's how they look at night...

aawwwww!!  There's a fake tealight in each (they have timers now, and come on automatically each night for 4 hours - woot.)

The two biggest were made with the Sizzix cottage die - this thing is so genius!!

I'm using the Tim Holtz Vagabond die cutter now, because I killed my old cheap one, because yes, I'm retarded and got something stuck up in there *whistles and looks away* -BUT I'm really happy about that because the Vagabond is the BOMB.   It cuts through multiple layers of paper and felt like a hot knife through butter.  Anyway, all those tiny pieces; shutters, shingles, door, chimney, etc., all get cut out in one easy pass thru the Vagabond.  Sweeeet.

The little houses I made last November at the second Spellbound art retreat, in a class taught by Cathe Holden

Here's the houses spun around so you can see how fun they are to decorate all the sides.

If you dig thru her blog you can find a template for making them - free!  Thanks Cathe!

Nothing inspires creativity like the holidays; hope you had time to make something too  =)

My House, in the middle of my street

Hi again!  Long time no post - altho I have been making stuff.  Here's something I made for a new calendar/art journal (because New Year means New Projects, right?!)

That's my front door, and my cutie lil' pup! It's done in fabric, and the photo is digitally printed on linen.  Lots of sweet vintage trims and bits, which always gives me a little thrill to use.  Knowing a fabric or bit of lace is 50 or 100 years old, and is still here being loved and used by someone makes me feel connected to the larger world somehow.

 I've started two weekly journal prompt groups, Life Book and The Documented Life Project.  I'm just kinda squishing them together, and hoping my short attention span lasts through the year with at least one of them.    This was the prompt from Documented Life, which was to use your front door.

Does it look like that's a sun in the upper left?  I might need to add some rays to it.....

Monday, June 17, 2013

Painting With Friends

Had a great time recently at a friend's house - she got a"paint with friends" sort of kit from Michael's (I forget the maker now), which had a template and color guidance for painting - 
- mine is in an art journal, of course.  It's fun how different they all came out, isn't it?    We ranged from comfortable with paint, to terrified, but everyones turned out so well!    I highly recommend it for a cool gathering.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bookmaking Arts

A local friend opened her art studio/garage for a wonderful class, taught by the patient and funny Jeannine Stein.   Even having made a few books, I learned great little tips and tricks - classes are so fun that way.    
 Here's Jeannine showing us how to bind...

 ....And here's all of us showing off our finished books. 

 Jeannine was a treat not only because of her easy-going style, but she pre-cut all the blank pages and cover paper - yay!  Check out her blog for other classes around L.A. she'll be teaching - very much worth taking!
The big job ahead though, is convincing my husband we don't need to park in the garage, when it could be so better utilized as my creative wonderland.    Look at that shelf above us!  The room was filled with gorgeous art our hostess, Mikki Soliday, had made (that's her in the front left).  Thanks for the fun afternoon, Mikki and Jeannine!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Enchanted, Artistic Affair

If you've never gone on an art retreat, GO!  I did my second recently, "An Enchanted Affair", put on by the lovely, sweet, Kim Caldwell.  Not only did I make some wonderful things, and learn some new techniques, but I met amazing, kindred women.  It's so fun to be in a whole room full of women who love old lace, and fabric and color, and creating things.  I'm stealing a few pics from Karla Nathan, (who is just as amazing and kind as I'd hoped she'd be) because I somehow failed to take any, again.

That's me on the right, making my "stay glued down dammit" face.  And look how lovely the whole venue was...

...the whole thing was just perfect, and I can't wait to go again next year!  The theme will be "Downton Abbey", so I'll be looking for luscious tea dresses all year.