Sunday, March 15, 2015

Snippet Roll

I have officially joined the Snippet Roll craze ~ they are so much fun to make!! This one is about 90% finished, I just want to add some hand stitching around the girls, and embellish a bit more. 
That's the fun of these, it's very spontaneous; I just glued and stitched stuff down as I went.
There's a wooden roll at the top, which in theory I could roll it all up on, but in reality it got wider and wider as I went, oops.   I may roll it eventually, but it will squish some stuff for sure.
 Most of the girls I just found on the web and printed on fabric sheets, easy peasy.   Some of it was from etsy or Flights of Fancy boutique (on the web).

 Sooooo long!! So much longer that I started out thinking it would be!!  I had to get from the deep hunter green at the top to the deep purple at the bottom, though.   I wish the details came through better on these pics, because some of the bits and bobs are just amaaazing vintage stuff.   Like, up by the "Mother" pin (which itself is from the 50's) is a handpainted Victorian china button.  Yes, this is the kind of stuff I collect and go absolutely nuts over, and then hoard for years.   But look, look, I used some of it here!   ( I still have about 5 china buttons, shhhhh, don't tell.)

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