Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dress Form Ribbon Storage

I have a new friend/helper for my art room! Isn't she lovely??!

This is nearly my entire ribbon stash, now easier to sift through and lovingly displayed.   I admit, I had to bribe my daughter to help me hang ribbons on her.  The jewels she sports are my various rosary chains waiting to be used.   I was inspired by a photo on Pinterest; if you want to make one, leave a comment and I'll share some hard-won tips.

 I've nicknamed her "Elsa", to inspire me to "let it goooooo" and use that ribbon up!


  1. Would LOVE to know your tips on this! I love it. And what a great way to display your ribbon remnants is such an artsy way. Christie

    1. Tips below; I checked out your blog, and your family is so sweet! Nice looking peeps

  2. Thanks, I just love it, and it's a really easy way to search through my ribbon! I shopped a lot on ebay and Amazon for just the right wire dress form, and decided on this because it was cheap-ish (about 60$ as I recall) and the spacing was right. If you have wider ribbons and laces, you need the vertical wires fairly spread out. This one had no horizontal wires, so I ran some regular floral wire around it, making 5 layers to hang on ( this helped the spacing too, cuz by just anchoring it here and there and making it a bit loose, it was easier to hang. I started with my favorite color in front, lighter on top and darker on bottom, and just "rainbowed" around from there, with white lace at the back. If you have tons of ribbon, maybe skip the lace, it's a bit harder to pick through them and they get caught on each other. I have lots of rosary chain and jewelry chain, so I draped that on the neck and shoulders, which is also awesome storage for that. Hope that info helps! I'm really soooo pleased with mine!

  3. WOW it absolutely gorgeous! I have a dress form, I have all the now I know what I have to do. Thanks for sharing!