Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holiday Houses

A recent crafting day with my girlfriends found us making these cuuuute little houses - first, here's how they look at night...

aawwwww!!  There's a fake tealight in each (they have timers now, and come on automatically each night for 4 hours - woot.)

The two biggest were made with the Sizzix cottage die - this thing is so genius!!

I'm using the Tim Holtz Vagabond die cutter now, because I killed my old cheap one, because yes, I'm retarded and got something stuck up in there *whistles and looks away* -BUT I'm really happy about that because the Vagabond is the BOMB.   It cuts through multiple layers of paper and felt like a hot knife through butter.  Anyway, all those tiny pieces; shutters, shingles, door, chimney, etc., all get cut out in one easy pass thru the Vagabond.  Sweeeet.

The little houses I made last November at the second Spellbound art retreat, in a class taught by Cathe Holden

Here's the houses spun around so you can see how fun they are to decorate all the sides.

If you dig thru her blog you can find a template for making them - free!  Thanks Cathe!

Nothing inspires creativity like the holidays; hope you had time to make something too  =)

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