Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Playing with Pan Pastels - Review

So basically, I try all the new art gizmos and fads, so you don't have to.  I consider it a little service to humanity, NOT that I am at all addicted to trying new things, nope.

Pan Pastels are all over the art blogosphere lately, and they looked like fun, so of course I had to get some to try them out.  They look like this...

They have a nice texture, creamier than regular chalk, and have a great, watercolor-y look when blended.  They go on quickly: this page took maybe a half-hour (using stencils)...

 (ignore the stitching from the other side of the page)
The biggest downside to them is that they are messy.   REALLY messy.  You are breathing it in and it's-all-over-the-table messy.   Personally, I don't like that.  I don't mind paint mess, but dusty mess just bugs me.

As you're working, it's hard not to bump into previous layers and muddy them (apparently you can spray workable fixative over each color as it goes down, but hello, I have a life).   Then when you're done, you have to get it to STAY on the damn page.  It took me three coats of matte fixative before the color stopped rubbing off.   That's a heckuva lot of spray. 

On the other hand, it's pretty;

In Summary--

Pros: Pretty, blendable, quick to apply, erasable, and if you love chalks or pastels they are awesome.

Cons: Dusty-messy, on the expensive side, requires a lot of spraying of fixative.

As for me, I can tell this will not be a go-to item for my art journaling, but I'm sure I'll play with them once in a while now that I've got them.   I won't be buying more though.