Sunday, March 3, 2013

Working with Dylusions Spray Ink

I had an interesting comment from Kooky, that Dylusions can look muddy by the time you get enough ink on the page.  Totally true, because they are so wet.   For the last journal page I grabbed a regular sheet of printer paper to make a print right after misting the ink on...

...then blotted the extra ink off the page with a paper towel  (watercolor paper would have worked better, but at least it gave me some junk paper to mess around with some new stamps on).  Alternately, you could mist very lightly with the Dylusions, then use a wet brush to smoosh around to lose the "spray" look.

When it comes to writing on the Dylusions, a really thick black pen worked, and paint pens; but because it stays reactive to water, gel pens were hit-and-miss.  Many of them just sank into the paint and didn't show up well.

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