Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tissue paper journaling

I'm not done journaling on this, but I was in the mood to share; this is a page that I hated for a few layers, but now I love!   First was some watercolor dots, then tissue paper over with matte medium, then thinned gesso, then the embellishments.   I hated it right up to the last step.

(it's all weird on the left because I smooshed out my journaling in photoshop).  

Sometimes you keep messing around with something, and you eventually like how it turns out -- and since it's just my art journal, I don't mind mistakes anyways.  It's my place to play and learn.   Hope you have some time to play soon!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Zig "Wink of Stella" glitter brush review

When I saw Zig Markers "Wink of Stella" glitter brush pens, I thought "OMG best thing since sliced bread, take my money NOW".   Since playing with them, though, I'm a little more reserved.

 Pro side - the glitter is GLORIOUS - this scan does not begin to do it justice.  It's probably the sparkliest art supply I now own.

They are pretty hard to blend - you have to be very very quick, as they dry fast: but it's do-able.   The blue flower center is blended with clear, and it didn't dirty up the clear brush, so that's a big plus.

Con side - see the blobs of ink?   Yeah, these suckers leak.  Like a sieve.   If you are careful and don't shake them over your work, and store them upright, you could probably avoid the blobs.  Myself, I'm messy and will probably make unsightly mistakes with these.

Also, a bit hard to get a consistent ink flow.

Conclusion: First off, why did I have to buy EVERY COLOR (ok, not brown, who needs brown) when I hadn't tried them yet?  Because I'm a sucker, that's why, and I love new art supplies.  So my recommendation is to try a color or two and see if they are your cuppa.  I got mine from Jet Pens, who I love (and are a mom & pop).  I will probably get some use out of these, but they are sadly not better than sliced bread - not better than toast, anyways.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Working with Dylusions Spray Ink

I had an interesting comment from Kooky, that Dylusions can look muddy by the time you get enough ink on the page.  Totally true, because they are so wet.   For the last journal page I grabbed a regular sheet of printer paper to make a print right after misting the ink on...

...then blotted the extra ink off the page with a paper towel  (watercolor paper would have worked better, but at least it gave me some junk paper to mess around with some new stamps on).  Alternately, you could mist very lightly with the Dylusions, then use a wet brush to smoosh around to lose the "spray" look.

When it comes to writing on the Dylusions, a really thick black pen worked, and paint pens; but because it stays reactive to water, gel pens were hit-and-miss.  Many of them just sank into the paint and didn't show up well.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Finished page...

Thought I'd share what that Dylusions  Ink Spray page looked like when I was done.... was so fun to journal on!  The writing in the gears and foofie are some ideas Positive Psychology has on what makes us happy and pleased with our lives.

Hope you have a fun and creative week-end ahead!