Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Smash Book Image Transfers

Here's another tape transfer I did; it's as easy as rubbing some packing tape over an image, then soaking off the paper.
You can see that it's 3 separate strips of tape - I used an Anthropolgy catalog again, because I get great results from them - they use a matte paper that just peels off the tape like a dream.

I layered it over some type in my Smash Book

Don't you love the translucent effect?   Not sure what else I'll do on this page, but I wanted to show the tape before I doodled all over it or something.

 I have to warn you though, I got really poor results from my printer.  In theory you can print images for tape transfer, but maybe because my printer uses special photo ink, they just did not transfer well at all.  Have fun playing!