Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Haunted Apothecary

Spent the morning with my girlfriends making the coolest Halloween decoration!   Soooooo incredibly cute, and they were a blast to make!

Yes, those are cookie sprinkles in there, so this is a great little kitchen decoration PLUS ready for actual use! Start with the Wilton cookie decorating thingie (from Joanne's/Michaels/Albertons)

Add in some Martha Stewart test tube party favors (from Joanne's/Michaels) if you like variety.  

The labels were from KandCompany, some free (!) online from artbliss,
 Art by Marilyn Girling

and from Alpha Stamps - check out Laura Carson's insane bottles!  
 Art by Laura Carson
She has great tutorials, too. Her stuff is amazing and gorgeous, and you need to go check out her site.

 I was initially all geared up to make Laura Carson's Apothecary Chest, throwing stuff into my online shopping cart, until it hit 100 bucks, and which point I rethought it.  It would cost about 5-15 bucks for the ones I made with my g.f.'s, especially if you had a Joanne's/Michaels coupon. (Did you know you can just pull those up on your smartphone now and they accept them?  You'll never be without a coupon again!)  

It's a great little project because you can mostly use whatever you have on hand from Halloween projects past.  I didn't quite finish mine, and I can tell I'm going to spend the next month running across stuff to add on there.    Hope you have time for a fun seasonal project!

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