Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spread Your Wings

I am liking this!  Finished the other side of my journal page just in time to write on it...

...the pocket (Liberty of London fabric, god how I love it) I sewed on before I bound the book; I added the bow doo-dad stuff today, and slipped a gift tag that I love into it.   Added some pale blue dots, just because it seemed to need blue dots, and BOOM, done, ready for some journaling.  I'll do something special with the back of that tag, maybe a quote or something.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Bits and Bobs

This page is glorious in person - it's so incredibly shimmery-coppery-lovely, compared to the matte of the watercolor bits - but of course, shimmer doesn't scan well....'s just some bits I'd done previously, pasted and pop-dotted into a quick journal page for writing on.  The gorgeous copper paint is Jaquard, with some Twinkling H2Os in aztec gold around the edges of the page and watercolor square.


Come see it in person at the next Art Journal Circle!  Just a fun place to work on your stuff and meet other art journalers.  I'll have lots of supplies and toys to play with and share.   It's November 4th, so sign up now!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Art Journal

Allllmost done with this one...
...the quote is a stamp, "Those who look for beauty, find it."  The flower was fussy-cut from upholstery fabric, and hangs right off the bottom of the page.  That's an actual old leather book spine in the center.  Between that and the brown burlap, this is just a yummy, touchable page.   It needs a bit more, but I'm done for today.
By the way, lots of my big, lovely collage elements, like the photo on the right, come from Somerset magazines - this one was from Artful Blogger.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Haunted Apothecary

Spent the morning with my girlfriends making the coolest Halloween decoration!   Soooooo incredibly cute, and they were a blast to make!

Yes, those are cookie sprinkles in there, so this is a great little kitchen decoration PLUS ready for actual use! Start with the Wilton cookie decorating thingie (from Joanne's/Michaels/Albertons)

Add in some Martha Stewart test tube party favors (from Joanne's/Michaels) if you like variety.  

The labels were from KandCompany, some free (!) online from artbliss,
 Art by Marilyn Girling

and from Alpha Stamps - check out Laura Carson's insane bottles!  
 Art by Laura Carson
She has great tutorials, too. Her stuff is amazing and gorgeous, and you need to go check out her site.

 I was initially all geared up to make Laura Carson's Apothecary Chest, throwing stuff into my online shopping cart, until it hit 100 bucks, and which point I rethought it.  It would cost about 5-15 bucks for the ones I made with my g.f.'s, especially if you had a Joanne's/Michaels coupon. (Did you know you can just pull those up on your smartphone now and they accept them?  You'll never be without a coupon again!)  

It's a great little project because you can mostly use whatever you have on hand from Halloween projects past.  I didn't quite finish mine, and I can tell I'm going to spend the next month running across stuff to add on there.    Hope you have time for a fun seasonal project!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Latest Journal Page

Did this today in an art journal I haven't worked in lately....

I'm pretty happy with it, and it fit in my "hour or less per layout" mantra.  On the left is some yummy fabric and dyed cheesecloth, so it's very tactile in person.  I think I'll add a few words, like "the constraint of luxury" somewhere, but not tonight.  There's lots more pics of this album on my Flickr (right sidebar), if you're curious.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Things we hate...

What to do with things we make that we hate, eh?   My first instinct is to walk away and stop working on something; very often when I go back later, I think "eh, it's not that bad, I'll use it somehow".  And so it was with this, which kind of highlighted all the ways I suck at watercolors.....
....but after folding it up the middle and haphazardly binding it into my art journal, I don't mind it so much!

The nice part of watercolor failures is that they are pale enough that they don't need a wash of gesso to allow for journaling over.   Hope you had some time this week-end for art successes or upcycled failures!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stencils in the waiting room

Have you seen this cool new stencil from Crafter's Workshop?
I grabbed it and some pens to play with while sitting around waiting for my daughter to get out of dance....
...perfect for Halloween!   I used painters tape so I didn't need to worry about it moving around, and my Slicci pens

 (you really need a pen with a tiny tip for this kind of intricate stencil - my gel pens bled under it, and even paint is probably too thick.  Fine spray paint like Glimmer Mist might work.)  I might not have had the patience if I'd not been stuck sitting there an hour anyways - but if you have downtime, this is a portable, fun lil project!