Sunday, September 16, 2012


Once I decided to focus on texture in our next Art Journal Circle Meeting, I noticed it everywhere in my journals.  Here's a recent page....

                             The "fashion" quote was made Yapping Cat Studio, I think - I just had it around
The fabric in the background is really nubby, the doily has a nice lace effect, and the raised embossing on the dressform is just yummy.   I'll definitely bring all this stuff and something for everyone to emboss, because that technique is just the best (thanks Suzy West, for teaching that at Treasured Memories!)

Tbh, I don't love the color of the dress on the purple page, but I'm not that dedicated to fixing every little thing on my journal pages.  Some people spend hours per page, and I respect that; but for me, when it gets too fussy it stops being fun. 

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