Thursday, September 27, 2012

Montana and Posca Pen Review Update

It's no longer a tie between Montana and Posca acrylic paint pens (my review is down a post).   After working with them both, the Montanas have this wierd thing where they look great wet, but melt into the page as they dry, especially layered over other acyrlic paint.  The Poscas "sit up" on the page and stay vibrant looking.  Here's an example - I was in a doodle mood, and went to add an edge to this page....

 ...and the Montana pens kept sinking in, making me go over it 3-4 times.   I then edged the bumps with the Posca pen, and it covered nicely the first time.  Here's a close-up, where you can see the fading out pink edged with nice strong pink....

I'll definitely be reaching for the Posca pens first.


  1. Ahh! Read the intial acrylic pen review and ordered 3 Poscas, 2 white & one black. After reading this review, glad I chose Posca. Thanks for the update.

    1. I hope you like them! I'm really enjoying mine.

  2. From your first review it looked like the Posca paints were more opaque (like gouache paint) and the Montanas more transparent (like watercolour). Your description here of the behaviour on the page (melting into the page Montanas vs the sitting on the surface Posca's) also describes how watercolours and gouache behave. So they are two different beasts and therefore depending on what you want them to do will affect which one you reach for.