Monday, September 10, 2012

Latest Journal page

I've been very bad about blogging and sharing lately, but here's today's page.

I recently ordered a couple of Pam Carriker's stamps to play with, mostly inspired by how she makes a gorgeous entire journal page out of one little stamp.  Here's her incredible version...

NOTE: Not my work, Pam Carriker's!

I decided to try and replicate her page first, just to play with it.  I'm not shy about copying someone I admire, because I think that's a huge way that we learn (of course, I'm always careful to credit the original source).   Here's my imitation journal page....

 I like the stripes on the left to journal on - I'm looking forward to getting to this page!   It was quite fast and fun to create, just as I'd hoped.   The stamp provides a nice center for the page, and smushing some Neo-Color 2s around was short work.  (I definitely lost patience around the fiddly bits in the upper right corner, so they got rather haphazard.) I have to admit that I have limited patience for working on a page, so stamps or stencils that speed things up are always appreciated!

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