Sunday, August 12, 2012

FREE lovely download

Creative blog My Artistic Life posted a free download for some yummy gratitude artwork/pages/what-have-you's

here's the link  -you need to email her for the free download.

It's just some swipes of watercolor and space to write what you're thankful for, but she did a lovely job.  I'm thinking it will make a super-easy art journal spread someday when I'm feeling lazy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Birds In Hats!

Completely whimsical and silly, but I was inspired by a contest Alpha Stamps did - something about Birds in Hats just tickled my fancy.   So my girlfriends and I made some, and then my daughter and her friend had to make some, too!   They were so fun and easy, everything that a summer social craft should be.  Here's mine...

Here's the ones my girlfriends did - terrible pic, sorry....

I think I'll pop it into my Smash Book or art journal, whereas my daughter put a stick on hers so we can nestle it into a houseplant...

 ...too cute!   The trim, by the way, is Dresden scrap, which is just a joy to work with.  It's foil covered, so it holds a bend, and so richly embossed and die-cut.

This is starting to look like an ad for Alpha Stamps, which I didn't intend - hopefully all of you are just as excited as I am about sources of art supplies and inspiration!