Friday, March 23, 2012

Smash Book / Art Journaling Group

I've been away from my blog for so long -  I had some health problems, and then just seemed to have no time for myself.  BUT I'm back and determined to carve that bit of time out for myself to create!

The last time my Smash Book/Art Journaling group met we had so much fun playing with Twinkling H2O paints and stamps!   I really wish I had taken some pictures, there was so much amazing stuff made. 

This month we will be exploring transferring images into your art journal - ways to take photos, magazine pics, copies of whatever and get them into your journal.   I'll talk a bit about different techniques, and bring everything you need to do some tape transfers and Artist Transfer Paper work.
Here's one I made recently, from a pic in an Anthropologie catalog, using tape transfer.

I love the translucent effect you get with transfers, so just a hint of journaling shows through.  It's easy to adjust how see-through you want it to be.

We'll be meeting this Sunday at Treasured Memories, sign up and come on by if you can!   Take a little time for yourself!