Monday, January 23, 2012

WHY art journal?

We had such a fun time at the Art Journal Circle yesterday - some people had yet to start a page, and some brought art journals they had made already.    As we shared and talked a bit about about why we art journal, I was reminded of this page from Julie Balzer - here's the short version

  • I art journal as a way of experimenting with ideas and techniques.
  • I art journal as a method of memory keeping.
  • I art journal to express my feelings.
  • I art journal to process my feelings.
  • I art journal to make pretty art.
  • I art journal to use up leftover supplies.
  • I art journal to allow myself to fail.
  • I art journal to use up all of my bad ideas.
  • I art journal to learn about myself.
......this commenter is giving away her cards and making her scrapbook pages for her family.  And that gives them purpose because they're "for someone."  Please don't ever forget that you are someone too.
And making something just for you should be reason enough to create.
If no one ever sees my art journal but me, that's fine.  Because the most important reason that I art journal is because I enjoy it. - Julie Fei-fan Balzer

As your eye candy for the post, here's a fave page from Julie (not mine!  Julie Balzer's):

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