Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gorgeous giveaways!

I've been away from the blog to enjoy the holidays, but had to pass this along; Alpha Stamps is giving away lovely goodies for the next few days - check out today's giftie...

Just comment on their blog to enter.  If I don't win it, then I hope you do!  Hope also you are having a wonderful holiday. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Breaking news! No Art Journal Circle this month

December has been crazy-busy for me, and for everyone else too - we had cancellations for the Art Journal group, and Treasured Memories called me and suggested we cancel it for the month.   It took me by surprise and I agreed, altho now I regret it -- we had a lot of walk-ins last month.  I hope we don't get people showing up and being disappointed!   Anyway, next month sign-up ahead of time, the store likes to see that.

I haven't gotten much done, what with holiday decorating, gift shopping and all - here's a recent journal page....
it's shiny gold pen and Faber-Castell metallic gel sticks on black gesso.   I bought a small set of 6 gel sticks to try them out, and am kinda "meh" on them.    The scan doesn't pick up that they are very shimmery and pretty, BUT they are big fat sticks with no point, like a dull crayon, so are hard to be at all precise with.

Hope you are taking some time to be creative during the holiday bustle!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Art Journal Circle this Sunday!

We'll be meeting Sunday 2-4 at Treasured Memories for our second Art Journal Circle; Smash Book and Beyond (info behind the link).  I'll have tips and tricks to jazz up and love your handwriting - it's so great to see people's real handwriting on their work, and far too many people dislike their own writing!  We'll cure that, work on a quote and play around in our journals.

I went to a fun class yesterday taught by Kelly Kilmer;  her art journals are gorgeous and collage-y and unique.   

Here's the pages our hostess was working on in class:

...the one on the table is mine, but I didn't get too far along.  I'll post more when I get some more done.  I took more photos, but sadly they didn't turn out well.   Check out Kelly's blog for classes, she teaches all over L.A. and has great tips on art supplies, etc.

Hope to see some of you Sunday!