Monday, November 7, 2011

Our first Art Journal Circle!

I loved our fist Art Journal Circle meeting Sunday - I think everyone else had fun too!   It looked like it - there was a lot of chatting and working away in Smash Books.    And now everyone has at least a first page started; maybe that page will get finished and another begun!

 I suggested doing a page that you were "meh" about, and personally chose this one:   I had trouble getting going with the birds, but once I started pasting stuff down it all flowed.

(you can always click pics to enlarge)

How did I end up with three (three!!) sayings on one spread?!   Tomorrow I'm going to cover up the bottom left one - the page needs a little texture anyway.   Three quotes is a little too Stuart Smalley for me.   

I'm hoping to see lots of people back next month, and maybe they will bring new pages to ooh and ahh over - but if not, that's okay too.  Sometimes you have to hold the fire to the kindling a few times before the spark takes hold!

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