Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Awesome Classes with Jane LaFazio

I did a couple classes last week-end with the wonderfully talented Jane LaFazio; if you get the chance, definitely attend one!  She is funny and down-to-earth, and made everyone feel like amazing artists.

The first class was collage - here's Jane showing us some marvelous examples of her work

The second class was watercolor for mixed-media journaling; here's the first work the class did

I know, right!  So fun!  Mine is the little rose in the center.

The venue was nice, it's a yearly convention called Learning and Product Expo:Art in Pasadena - they have classes in oils, sculpture, you-name-it.   And a great vendor hall, where I may have gotten a bunch of encaustic stuff, despite swearing I would NEVER do encaustic again (it was so cheap tho!)  Oooo and great prices on Copic markers, couldn't pass that up either.  

Hope you all had a fun and creative Halloween week-end!

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