Thursday, October 6, 2011

That's nice....what's it for?

I saw a great paisley that was water-color-y looking, and decided I needed to play with making one.... fun!   It's watercolor pencil, and I had planned on going in with a bit of water to smoosh it up a bit, but now I really like it as is.    If I do mess with it more, I might go in with some black gesso in the background - wouldn't that make the colors just pop?

So I finished it and showed it to my hubby with a proud "taa-daa", and got the "That's nice....uhmmm, what's it for?"   *sigh*   Do you get that too?    And for the hundreth time I say "it's for nothing, just to do it, I was curious how it would turn out."     Then I pointed out that I don't get why he golfs, either, lol.

Go make something today!  And if no-one around you "gets it", that's okay.   Somewhere out there are thousands of other creative people, quietly expressing themselves with paint and ink and wire and paper - and we get it!

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  1. Hi Kat! I just love this!!!!!!!! I do think the black would really pop the colors too but I would be oh so very scared to try it. With my luck, I'd mess up the entire thing! My boyfriend does that "what's it for" thing too. I just smile and say "it's to make me happy!".