Thursday, October 13, 2011

Smash Book playtime

Loving the Smashbook!  Here's the cover so far - I tried some metallic chalk first for color, but it was too pale.   This is NeoColor 2, smooshed with a tiny bit of water.   It has that nice translucent effect I was hoping for.  It needs some more...something; I tend to do a bit, work on something else, come back and do a bit more - so I will get around to it.

I'm leading an Art Journaling/Smash Booking club at Treasured Memories one Sunday a month - please come on by if you live around Los Angeles!    Our first meeting is  November 6th.  We're keeping the cost low-low-low (just 10 bucks) to make it easier to build a nice community hang-out.  Drop by, meet other art journalists, share tips, and enjoy working on your books!    Virtual community is great, but it's wonderful to share a laugh with real people sometimes too.

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