Saturday, October 15, 2011

Smash book + etsy = fun

More pages from my Smash book; I've had to part with it for awhile, as it needed to go up at Treasured Memories as a sample for my Art Journal Circle.  I miss it already!  I think I'll sneak it home on Sunday nights so I can work on it, and bring it back on Monday mornings.    Here's a recent page I did.

 This is all freebie goodies I got from etsy orders.  Not only do I get lovely art stuff, and feel good about supporting other artists, but I get little treats too! 

In the envelope (which sewn with metallic thread on tissue paper!) is is a card describing where the stuff came from.   Here's a short version, just ask if you want more info.  Lilac postcard:Julie Collings, "dream" postcard: Paper Relics, Japanese subway map (they included a ton of goodies, great place to get washi tape) Karaku, business card: Under the Red Roof, envelope and attached lace trimmed card and little bird tag: Wonder Trading, little alphabets: French General, text tag:  Yapping Cat Studio , floral postcard Pam Garrison.  I will edit later if I got any wrong, my apologies but my book isn't in front of me.

Humm, not sure if I inspired anyone to create, or to shop today!   Well, we'll call shopping on etsy a creative experience and hit both goals.  =)

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