Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pen bleed-through test/review

Journaling with pen - excellent.   Pen bleeding through to the next page - not excellent. 

I prefer to work on heavy watercolor paper, so it hasn't come up much - but now that I'm playing around in a Smash book, bleed-through is much more troubling.   I tested some of my fave journaling pens, similar to what I did here, but for bleed-thru on a regular piece of copier paper.  I really saturated the circles, to get a good test.

Front side:

Reverse Side

No huge surprise, the Copic was terrible, and the Sharpie and Bic Mark-it were not much better.
What did surprise me was how well the Smash book pen performed, and the Zig and Pitt ones.  That Pitt Big Brush is a giant fat marker pen, I thought for sure that it would bleed thru - I really went over and over it to soak the paper, too.

The upshot, for me, is no more Sharpie in my Smash book, only their pen, the Zigs, and the Pitts (what a terrible name - who names their pen the Pitts??)

Hope you are having creative fun and exploring whatever it is that you love!  

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  1. Kat...I love that you did this test! Thank you so much for the information....I still love my micro fiber from Sakura. I haven't tested it though as you did. But my pages are usually filled with so much mod podge and paint that I don't worry about bleed through. Again, thanks for the tips. Might be worth having a Smash Book pen just laying around. :)