Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scary Watercolors

I've done some messing around with watercolors the last few months - they intimidate me, for no good reason.   I'm not very picky about how things turn out - I tend to love whatever happens.   But still, I cower before them a little - crazy, huh?

I started with testing out all my favorite black pens for water-resistance....

Then made some samples of my watercolor supplies....

I did some of Alisa Burke's watercolor journal class, but life got busy somewhere in the middle and I didn't get too much of it done.    (No reflection on the class, she is a warm and interesting online teacher.)

My journal entries are okay, they really don't scan well though.....somehow the scanner just sucks all the delicacy and color out of watercolors.   If anyone knows how to adjust my scanner so they look right, leave a comment!

The background behind the flower is a lovely light blue, and it doesn't get picked up by the scanner at all.....

Oh well - at least they look nice in person!   

Anyway, don't be a scaredy-cat like me and get all nervous around watercolors - break them out and start playing!   They didn't bite at all  =)


  1. i think you've done a wonderful job using your watercolors.....i agree with you that they seem to have a mind of their own! i took alisa's class, too.....i thought it was filled with some great information! i wish i had some tips on how to scan your artwork......i seem to have fairly good luck taking photos. it still doesn't pick up all the nuances of your watercolor, but it seems a little better than scanning for some reason.

    i hope you have a happy saturday! :))

  2. I have never been able to scan my work either. My work always ended up too washed out. I do however take a photo of my work and that seems to do the trick. I can go into my photo editor and adjust any of the colors that way too before actually uploading. So I simply use photos, not scans.