Monday, September 26, 2011

New Pens! Review

Oooooo, how I love new art supplies!  I ordered these from Jet Pens, which is a U.S. company that stocks all the weird Japanese pens.    They have great customer service, too!  I got....

 ..these Sakura Aqualip pens, which are a very nice gel pen, like Sakura Glaze but narrower width.   Loving them so far!

...these Pentel Slicci pens - very disappointing.  They are supposed to be gel pens, but they write more like ball-points, with that "scritchy" feel on the paper.  The .3mm ones were the middle width, but I wish I got the widest - they write very, very narrow, so it will take forever to color something in.

....and these faaaaaabulous atyou Spica glitter pens, "set A".  If I had only one fun pen to use, it would be these.   I got "set B" about a year ago, and despite using them constantly, they are still going like champs.   It's amazing how glittery they are, but it's a very fine sparkle, so it's kinda subtle.  The light catches it here and there.

I had to grab a journal and check out the new pens, and compare them to my old ones...

....the scanner doesn't do the Spica pens justice, they are lovely in real life.   The Souffle's are nice for writing on dark paper, but I don't really dig the matte look of them - I tend to go over them with a gel or Spica marker.

If you're not a marker slut like me and had only one pen to buy, I'd definitely recommend a Sakura Gelly Roll set.   They write like a dream with a smooth, shiny glazed ink;  they last forever; and they will show up well over dark and light shades.  If you like a bit of bling, the Spica have the same benefits plus sparkle.

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