Monday, August 15, 2011

Two days in Heaven

I was lucky enough to spend the week-end in Malibu, over-looking the ocean, in a Pam Garrison class!   Ohmigosh, so much fun, such nice, creative women there, and above all so much wonderful time spent playing with art.  If you live in California (or like to travel), check out Artinfusio; great classes, and the co-ordinator, Gina, is such a welcoming, fun person.   Check out these little presents that awaited us:
 That's our nametag pinned to the front - too cute!   I felt like I was wearing an award all week-end. 

The building itself isn't anything great (altho plenty big, and clean bathrooms etc.) - but the VIEW of the ocean, and the cold lemonade, and the general vibe, is just amazing.   I can't wait to take another class there.   And Pam was an awesome, inspiring teacher.
 How cute is she?!   I love, love, love her attitude - that we should just wing it, be spontaneous, that there are no "mistakes" and creating should be about fun.     Her playful approach made the class fly by, and everyone had such a great time.

I made little swaps - ummm, if no-one else has one is it still a "swap"? - well, anyways, I made a little something for everyone:

Just one of those little yo-yo's with a bit of twill pinned on with my name and site.   Getting out there and meeting fellow crafters was so exciting, I wanted to share something to say hello.   Overkill, no doubt, but who doesn't like a little fabric and a button?   Us crafters are like magpies - someone threw away the ribbon that came on our welcome present, and I was astonished - "but that's seam-binding in a pretty blue!  How can you not save that?!"  

The journals we made were just fabulous- I have a bit more work to do on mine, and then I'll post it.   Hope you all had a creative week-end too!   If not, there's still today  =)

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