Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer bracelets

I've been puttering around with beads - my daughter didn't like a Klutz book that had the bead loom, beads and everything you need; I just had to play with it!  Here's one I made for her a few nights ago...

This is the bead loom that came with the book/kit.  It's not bad!  

The bit of pink felt is just something I clipped there to hold the needle.

I tried beading many years ago on a crummy loom (two springs on some dowels) and quit pretty fast.   This was fun and easy enough that I started another bracelet for myself.   I buzz right through the fun parts of crafts, like the beading, and slooooww dooowwn on the boring parts, like binding a quilt or weaving in my bead loom ends.   Blech.   This should be done in a few days though, I just need something boring on t.v. to distract me!

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