Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In the Future, everyone will Craft for 15 minutes

Pinterest has changed crafting forever.   Sounds insane?    Think how fast the internet has spread art ideas across the world already;  it used to be that a trend could be around for 5-6 years before everyone got sick of it.   Remember how every image had a party hat or wings for years?    Now, because we see the same idea over and over so quickly, we get tired of it faster.    And because manufacturers realize there's gold in them thar crafters, they jump on every trend too.   

For example:

Buntings.  I first saw them a few years ago, loved them, and made Halloween ones with my daughter's girl scout troop.    Now I have seen soooo many, I'm really done with it.   All the scrapbook lines have bunting stamps, kits, papers, punches, etc.

art by leech

Little Birds.  I LOVE little birds - who doesn't?  Hitler, maybe??  So cute and hopeful.   And the wonderful Melody Ross uses them for the super-cool Brave Girls Club- what's not to love?    Seeing them everywhere is what's not to love.   Every product line is using them, they are everywhere in art magazines like the Somerset ones.  It's killing my affection for a wonderful icon.

We are reaching out to each other thru blogs and publishing, which is WONDERFUL, but our ideas spread like wildfire and get absorbed, re-used, reprinted.  And once it's on the internet, it lives there forever - there's no taking it back, really.   

Why pick on Pinterest?   Two reasons; firstly, I find myself checking out new blogs by opening the site and hitting Pinterest - if I see art I like, I will read the actual posts.  So I can blow thru sites at great speed, like a laser-focused Google search - it's craft crack-cocaine.  Or I can follow people whose tastes I share and get the same hit.   Thus, I am seeing 100 buntings in an hour, and 300 little birds.  Secondly, will this impact originality?   Are there going to be as many startling new ideas if we can sit at home and see everything going on in the art world every day?

But really Pinterest is just a symbol of what's happening, the ultimate expression of craft-crack (for now).   This is the future - we live in it now.   I'm reading the same lament in the fashion and music fields - that we are just re-consuming the past, and so quickly that there are no real new ideas.  I am really really digging art journaling right now....does the sudden huge success of Smash books (art journaling for beginners, kind of)  mean those days are numbered, and soon it will be so "everywhere" that I'm sick of it?  I hope not......

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