Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ATC swap goodies!

Lovely Lenna Andrews sent out our ATC swaps, in a wonderful mail-art package!
Aren't they great?!   I'm so impressed with the time and creative skill people put into them - they really put a bit of their heart into it.    The theme was "Color My World_____", so they are all mono-chromatic.    Too cool!    Here's a quick run-down of the artists if you'd like to see more of their work:  purple is ChelMarie, brown is Lenna, orange is Leslie Hanson, blue is Josie Green, pink is Sabine Schneider, and the red one came clipped to a tag (bonus!) and is from Sharon Walworth.

Thanks so much to the wonderful artists who played along!   I really enjoyed getting a bit of your art; and extra thanks to Lenna for organizing it all!


  1. Your ATCs looks so great photographed this way Kat! thank you, i am glad you enjoyed. I just announced a new swap At creativeswaps. hope you can join us! lenna

  2. I am glad you like my ATC!

    Greetings from Germany,