Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Am I allowed to do this??

Okay, I know there are no Journal Police that are going to swoop in and arrest me, but I don't want to violate any swap norms either....but I didn't really have a place for the lovely Birdsong Tag Swap book, and it was hard to look at them like that.   So instead, I've added them to my art journal *looks around nervously* which hopefully doesn't offend anyone.

The lovely one on the left is made by Deborah from debsvintagesoul.   The middle tag is the cover made by the incredibly talented Karla Nathan - there is a tiny 3-d birdhouse charm on there that makes me squee every time I see it.  The cool black and white one is from Jolene at vintagedragonfly.  How great are these?  There is a note there that these are tags from others, and they're hinged so I can admire the lovely backs, and others can see who made them.  There are four more amazing tags, but I haven't finished that page - I'll post it later.

I also made copies of the tags I sent in to the swap, and added them to my journal too:

This was the first swap I've participated in, and it was awesome.  How cool to get art from others, and send some tiny bits of art off into the world!


  1. I think it is a great idea kat, and a wonderful way to enjoy the tags you received plus copies of your own. I keep a notebook of all my "colour groupies" ATCs from that exchange, including 1 of my own, as it is so nice to have them all together like that to look at. I don't think you'll have any visits from the art journal police!!
    p.s. thanks for your 'welcme back' message, that was so sweet! ; ) Lenna

  2. This is such a great idea Kat. I might have to steal it. Thank you for sharing the lovely journal you have created and for letting me know. Will be looking around your site.