Saturday, July 23, 2011

Journal Pages

Here's the latest pages in my art journal - this is one I made in Mary Ann Moss' "Full Tilt Boogie"  online class (more pics of it in my Flickr).  Her classes are so entertaining and you learn a ton, I recommend them highly if you've ever thought about making your own art journal.

I'm a bit unhappy with how heavy the watered-down gesso went on - it covered up most of the paper underneath, and buckled the left one - oh well.  Most of it is stamped and then chalked, but the lady on the left is a vintage advertisement from the waist up.


  1. Personally I like that effect with the gesso - it keeps the viewer trying to see what is behind and adds an air of mystery. I use this technique a lot, using the gesso with various density.

    These are lovely pages.