Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fabric yo-yo fun

I'm noticing more yo-yo's for sale at the scrapbook store; these are so easy to make, why buy them?   You can make one to perfectly match your collage, or layout, or whatevs in around 5 minutes.  I made these last night for an ATC swap by Creative Lenna.  Just cut some fabric in a rough circle about 4" across.   Turn under about a quarter inch and start a running stitch (be sure to take a tiny back stitch first, right at the knot, so you don't tug it out later.)    Keep stitching and turning under as you go, it doesn't have to be perfect.   When you get back to where you began, pull really tightly, wiggle those seams down flat, and knot off your thread.  If you run the thread end through the yo-yo before you snip it, the knot and thread end will be pulled inside.   Ta-da!   Cute lil' yo-yo's in just a few minutes.


  1. Dear Kat, wow! Your new blog looks great! Thanks ever so much for linking to me. That is my personal art blog, which is wonderful for you to share, but if any of your readers want to read about the art swaps I host, the creative swaps blog is the place to go to! I look forward to your July Color ATCs, thanks!!

  2. Hi Kat, I popped over to you having seen your comment on Lenna's blog post. Your new blog looks wonderful, I hope you get as much pleasure from yours as I do from mine!

    These little yo-yo's are so sweet, I shall definitely be making some. Thanks for the how-to.